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Website launch

website launch

Website launch Head Straight is totally new concept and is based on something that I needed in my life 6 years ago; I felt that I needed support outside of my friends and family. Whilst going through my own issues, I would also speak to clients who were going through their own problems. Why is […]

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Do you laugh?


Did you know laughing is good for your health? Did you know it can help you to stay feeling and looking young? Laughter helps give your diaphragm, abdomen, along with your neck and facial muscles an excellent work out. You don’t really see many happy people looking old. They tend to beam from the inside […]

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Who is Katie?

Katie Morgan portrait

Who is Katie? When I think back over the years, this launch has been a long time coming. I always felt that I would open a well being business but up until last year thought it would be an actual retreat. Not that I had the funds, land or know how. It was just a dream! […]

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