Do you Laugh?

Did you know it can help you to stay feeling and looking young?

Laughter helps give your diaphragm, abdomen, along with your neck and facial muscles an excellent

work out.

You don’t really see many happy people looking old. They tend to beam from the inside out and

their laugh can be contagious.

It could be in fact one of the best complementary medicine in the world and could help you stay

healthy for many years.

Laughing and feeling happy is extremely beneficial to your mental health. It will help with your

stress levels, which will then help you to function better and an able you make far better life


Do you think your life could benefit from more laughter? Do you or know someone with funny


The combination of how laughing makes your body feel, as well as your inside can help to lower your

blood pressure, reduces hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. It can help improve your


What makes you laugh? Is it a funny film or TV programme? Do you like seeing comedians?

It would be great to think we all have people in our lives that have the ability to make us happy and

laugh on a daily basis. It could be husbands, wife’s, partners, children, friends or a work colleagues.

Who do you find funny? When did you last belly laugh?

Are you drawn to people that make you giggle?

I am a big believer that you attract like minded people. If you are feeling high on life, happy and

upbeat you will find more people that are feeling the same will want to spend time with you and

feed off your good vibes.

Remember to take time out and see the funny side of life.

Do we have to make everything so serious? Are you allowing everyday issues to become a bigger

than necessary?

I would love to know what makes you laugh, particularly if you have any funny jokes or stories to


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community to receive support.

Who is Katie?

When I think back over the years, this launch has been a long time coming.
I always felt that I would open a well being business but up until last year thought it would be an actual retreat. Not that I had the funds, land or know how.

It was just a dream! It never crossed my mind that it would be an online retreat or that I would be trade marked.
But to get to this stage, I have been through ups and downs. That’s life!
What I am about to tell you has finally made me stronger and enabled me to create this wonderful website. However, with a little background you will see why I feel I am able to help you to get your head straight.

Personal life
I am happily married with one daughter. We fell pregnant the first time extremely easily and very early on in our relationship. It was a little bit of a whirlwind romance but we are still together 12 years on. It was never in our plan to only have one child but after falling so quickly the first time it just was not going to happen in the same way moving forward.
This has come with its own set of challenges from fertility issues and miscarriages. After many years of not being able to carry another child I went to have some tests done and it turned out I had been damaged when having my daughter so I could fall pregnant but unable to carry full term.
Although hard I have taken the time to grieve over this and embrace the fact we are lucky to have our beautiful daughter and enjoy her journey as she grows up.

I have been a beauty and holistic therapist for years. In 2007 I opened a salon, with three treatment rooms and staff but shortly after opening the recession kicked in. I just never felt I had the opportunity to give it a good shot.
During this period of time I almost become bankrupt (but I didn’t). I learnt many lessons from who my true friends and support network were, to empowering myself to figure out who I am, how I tick and how I saw my future life. The most important lesson was to figure out how to start loving and respecting myself.
Although hard on occasions I do believe that everything happens for a reason. After many years of listening to my clients, family and friends I have now finally worked out why I have been through my own tough challenges and been given the opportunity of people openly talking to me.

It has enabled me to create this website that I am very proud of and I hope you enjoy your journey with me.
I would love to hear your stories. You can find me in the @head_straight on Facebook and instagram or join me and the community in the members section.