“I had already spent some time with Katie in a group programme before finally deciding to take the plunge and work with her on a one to one basis.  I am so pleased I did because I had a business idea that I had dabbled with but it wasn’t until we worked together that I started to see what was tripping me up and hindering me from living my soul purpose.  Katie helped me to speak about situations that I felt guilty about saying out loud, but once I did, I could feel the energy shift in my body.  She also helped me communicate with my Grandad who was very active during one of our sessions, which gave me closure.  Katie will always explain every stage of growth but when she talked about space being created within my energy bodies to enable my purpose will drop in, I was unsure how this would feel.  I was always excited for change but happy Katie was there to support me as I did start to feel overwhelmed.  She gave me space to let these shifts take place so I could digest all the new information. I realised I was playing too small and if I continued this way, I wouldn’t reach my desired financial goals.  This is still a working progress but I am so much further on my journey than I would have been doing this by myself.  I am so grateful that Katie is part of my team guiding me and each stage of my development. Thank you so much for helping me as I continue to grow.”


Petra, England

Katie is a Holistic Transition Specialist, Energy Healer/Teacher, Reiki Master, and the Founder of Head Straight, an online sanctuary and space for Holistic Wellbeing. Her soul journey and purpose is to take her clients on a journey to reach their goals, dreams, and desires, energetically aligning them to the best timeline available while clearing the path to reach even higher than they believed was possible.