Hi, my name is Katie Morgan. I am a Holistic Transitional Specialist, Healer, Teacher/Coach, and the Founder of Head Straight, an online training and development centre for holistic well-being.


I help, teach guide, and support heart-centred women to align their mind, body, and soul to the purpose of their life, increase their confidence, embody their true soul calling and empower them to apply their intuitive gifts in a practical way so that they can receive abundance and wealth in every area of their life.


As we move into the Golden Age, my clients come to learn how to transform and empower themselves, fully embody/integrate their soul, connect with their intuition, and clear out old ancestral/past life patterns. Align their energy system to receive DNA upgrades so they can create a life and business that feeds their soul, experience more free time to spend with their loved ones, attract beautiful relationships, live in joy, and embrace new opportunities full of energy.