Katie is the founder of Head Straight.  She is a highly respected Energy Alignment Expert and Mindset Coach.  She has the natural talent and skills to encourage people to question how they live and feel about their own life.

She believes that everyone has the ability to change any aspect of their life providing they are ready to work on getting their head straight, focus on changing their mind- set and embracing news skills, they can achieve anything they would like to.

Heading straight into their new fulfilled life!

Katie has learnt to embrace life through her own experiences. On many occasions, these experiences have been very uncomfortable and painful. However, it has enabled her to understand that as a general rule there are normally two paths following on from a difficult situation; painful or gut feeling.

First path (Painful) allows us to feel very sorry for ourselves asking questions like “Why me?” or “How does this keep happening?”.

Looking back she has realised that having a defeatist outlook, along with many negative thoughts, have allowed her to feel unwell and can cause her illness, both mentally and physically. She has now managed to train her brain to understand that life is not out to get her and that perhaps there is a reason or lesson to be learnt.

The second path (gut feeling) may take a little more time, energy and dedication but will be far more fulfilling and liberating once you have headed straight into the issue that needs your attention.

Katie has spent time learning and understanding topics and techniques old and new. She continues to learn, as she understands that we would all like to move forward in a fulfilling life. She believes it is important to empower herself as she never knows what life has in store for her so she now has the skill- set to embrace the next challenge.

Katie now appreciates that we start learning from the day we are born. Life experiences influence our outlook, perceptions and beliefs. 

After a lot of hard work Katie is moving forward working with others on a far bigger scale to get their head straight and a happy, healthy and positive life they dream of.