I am Katie, a Holistic Transition Specialist, Energy Healer/Teacher, Reiki Master, and the Founder of Head Straight, an online Centre for Holistic Wellbeing. My magic and soul’s purpose is to take my clients on a journey to reach their goals, dreams, and desires, energetically aligning them to the best timeline available while clearing the path to reach even higher than they believed was possible.  


We all come to earth with missions, gifts, and uniqueness; however, many of us need to learn or understand why our wishes are unmet, and we get left on the sidelines witnessing others achieve.


Our pain and discomfort are our superpowers and the key to transformation. My heart is whole when I can work with clients ready to fully embody and integrate with their soul and purpose, connect with their intuition, and clear out old ancestral/past life patterns. Align their energy system to receive DNA upgrades so they can create a life and business that feeds their soul, experience more free time to spend with their loved ones, attract beautiful relationships, live in joy, and embrace new opportunities full of energy.