We’ve all had times within companies when we have you been surrounded by others, or even a whole team who just don’t feel quite right together. 

Unsettled employees can be very disruptive and too often instead of moving on they create an unfavourable atmosphere that can be felt on a wider level.

We can help you to ensure a peaceful, harmonious and productive working environment and assist in making HR decisions. 

The environment of the office can also cause issues and effect morale and productivity. 

We are able to work together with you to create the team, environment and company you desire. 

It is very common to walk in to a room and feel as though we could “cut the atmosphere with a knife”.  This feeling arises from energy. It can make people very uncomfortable if left untreated.  

We can also help to “hold space” during meetings resulting in a clear, focused and purposeful meeting.

We are also able to arrange tailored Energy Alignment training for your management and staff members.

We are friendly and always happy to offer advice and help answer any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.