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Body and exercise



I find that this section is personal choice. We are all different ages, shapes, sizes and abilities so it is crucial to find exercise that works for you.

I am not a personal trainer or yoga teacher so please ensure you speak to your GP if you have any concerns regarding exercise.

Some of you maybe happy enough going to the gym, running, walking the dog, swimming etc. However, many of us struggle to find those gaps in the day and even harder to commit on a regular basis.

In the past I have been someone who would make up excuses not to exercise. It was never intentional, but I did not have a work routine, juggling work and family life, I could provide you with a list of excuses.

Since starting this website, we have a new family member, a dog called Oti. He has helped me to get out of the house.  He needs a walk every day and it was part of my commitment when we decided to get a dog.

I admit this still isn’t enough because I wasn’t toning my arms for example.   

Remember it takes a combination of exercise to work all aspects of your body and hope you enjoy some of my suggestions. I would also love to know what exercise you take part in.

The recommended exercise per day is 20 minutes and sometime that is not manageable in one session, so break it down over you day to fit in with your routine.

You also must remember if you do exercise it does not give you permission to run to the biscuit tin. Obviously it is your mind but remember to be mindful about what you are putting into your body.

The Body

There are many reasons why we also struggle with our weight and exercise. 

You are perhaps going through a hormonal change, stress, medication, sleep deprivation, and the list can go on. We will be discussing bodily functions, menopause, posture, breathing and anything else that allows our body to function in a far better way.

We only have one body, so it is extremely important that we look after it.