Empowering you to create a calm life




This is not an actual diet – This is a brain diet to enable you to work through your worries, issues and blockages that stand in the way of the healthy life, mind and body you deserve. Thus empowering you to make informed food choices, eating mindfully and intuitively. 

I have found that my body shape and dress size have changed whilst acknowledging my issues past and present. Plus, I have stopped worrying about what may or may not happen in the future.

This does not mean I float through life like an angel, not thinking about anything. 

I have found the process extremely empowering as it has allowed me to off- load old wounds so that when new situations arise, I can take control of my life and move forward with ease.

How to use the videos and workbooks:

I would recommend you listen to one video every day. Or you could spend two to three days working your way through issues that have come to mind.  This is your journey – you choose.

The issues that spring to mind will be the situations you need to deal with no matter how painful. If you need further support you will find me in the members Facebook group, or you can book a one- to- one Skype call.

It is important that you use your worksheets (they are for your eyes only). This means you are now accountable for the choices you have made in the past. 

I realise that some situations are harder than others and may have been impacted by other people. It is empowering to write them down as you are then one step closer to being able to move forward. 

Once you have finished working your way through these videos I would encourage you to randomly listen to them. 

I have been listening to my videos whilst preparing them for this website and I have found that I had even forgotten a lot of the messages.

We move through life so quickly it is impossible to remember everything at once.

I very much hope you enjoy your journey and look forward to seeing pictures, stories or anything else you feel would be lovely to share with the group.

Lots of Love

Katie xx