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What is stopping you?

Are you stuck in a rut?  Cannot move forward with your life?

3 Steps to help you move forward in a positive way


How many excuses to you come up with not to do something?

I don’t think I have ever spoken to anyone who has not done this at some point.  I truly believe we can achieve far more in our life if we stop making excuses.  Stop saying I can’t and replace it with



How can we move forward?

Focus on how you would like to see your life.  You could even visualise already being there.  Start to imagine how it would feel should you been living your ideal situation.

The bit BUT!!

In my opinion this will only hold you up.  Start to listen to what you are saying.  In many situations people back up their sentence with a BUT.  Take notice of it and if you hear yourself saying it replace the sentence with a positive one – No BUT.

This can be hard if you are a glass half full type of person.  I am not going to tell you it is easy because it is like stopping a habit.  What I can tell you is if you can do this you will start feeling a lot lighter, enjoy your day far more and attract happy people into your life.

Life does not have to feel like a burden – Lets start living the life we deserve.