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Positive Day

Why is it important to start a day in a positive way?

If you wake up negative worrying and stressing about the day ahead you can become burdened with that thought. Chances are you will drop things, stub your toe, the children will respond to your mood etc.

If this sounds familiar I would like to suggest 3 steps to help you start your day with a positive, focused view.

Positive Day - Free Resources

making time

We make time for everyone else in our world, but it is extremely important to allow time for yourself.


I understand that life has its challenges. Building from my experiences, I will provide you with the resources to feel confident and create a calm life.

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Positive Night Free Resources

positive night

Many of us struggle to fall asleep and with insomnia.

This can be for many reasons like heat, hormones etc. however I can guarantee if I have a sleepless night I will be worrying about all sorts of issues. Many that I did not realise were issues.

Life Blockages Free Resources


What is stopping you?

Are you stuck in a rut?  Cannot move forward with your life?

3 Steps to help you move forward in a positive way

morning meditation

This is a free 15 minute guided meditation.

You could even do this before you get out of bed in the morning. I could push my luck and ask you to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. Find what works for you.