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Why I dislike the term well being


Why I dislike the term well being

What is wellbeing to you? Is it going on a diet? Going to the gym? Do you even acknowledge your wellbeing?

For me this is a term that says everything and nothing all at the same time. Of course if someone is being mindful about what they are eating or taking part in some physical activities that is great.

However, well being for me is not cherry picking one or two aspects, it is a combination of many skills that work together and used on a daily basis:

I have spoken to many clients over the years who have tried out various diets but struggle to maintain their weight loss. I remember my Mum saying “My friend uses **** diet, she finds that it works”. I looked very confused and replied “It may have done at the time but last time I saw her she did not look like she was on a diet to me”.

As I was struggling with my own weight at the time I very quickly realised that for this to last long term I not only had to acknowledge what I was eating but deal with all of the aspects in my live past and present that is causing me grief. The stress was actually being held in my body.

As I started my journey of being mindful I realised that there were so many aspects that needed to be worked on and that if I wanted to lose weight long term and feel good inside I had to tackle them all.

This is a list of some of them.
Eating well
Enjoying my friends and family
Not living in the past
Looking forward to the future
Learning to love myself
Removing negative people from my life
Stop putting blockages in my way.

It seemed very scary at the time but if you can acknowledge your thoughts and feelings it is incredibly amazing what you can achieve.

If you keep having repetitive thoughts about a situation such as dreading going into work, or spending time with someone, even past situations, you must take notice of them and figure out how you can change your mindset toward them or a situation rather than feel stuck and unable to move forward.

I promise you it can be done. You can change your mindset and become the person you want to be.

I would love to know your thoughts and how you are managing to change your mindset.

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