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Website launch

website launch

Website launch

Head Straight is totally new concept and is based on something that I needed in my life 6 years ago; I felt that I needed support outside of my friends and family. Whilst going through my own issues, I would also speak to clients who were going through their own problems. Why is it that we tend to worry about problems in the past or think about the future that may not even happen?

This launch is extremely important to me as I truly love helping people. I now understand that we don’t need to wait until we are in a trauma to start working through our issues. In fact, in can be far more useful to deal with issues while you are in a good mindset.

It would be like waiting until your back is in excruciating pain before having a massage. It makes far more sense to have regular massages so your back is not allowed to get that bad in the first place.

I have thrown my heart and soul into this website, along with totally exposing my thoughts, feeling and body images in the hope it will empower you to take control of your own life.

Within the members area you will find sections such as brain diet, food for thought, Katie’s thoughts and body health and meditate/relax. All of which have plans, workbooks and videos to help you on your journey.

I don’t want you to be put off with the word diet. This is a brain diet. The first one is called Lighten Up – Mind, Body and Soul. This is because it helps you to offload thoughts and worries from the past, now and future.

By empowering your mindset, it will help you to offload in more ways than one, along with being mindful about what you are eating and drinking.

I am purely sharing my personal experience with you because I noticed that in a 30 day period my body shape changed and I felt a lot lighter inside as well and would love for you to benefit from this.

The website will change and update regularly because I have lots more brain diet ideas as well as understanding food and exercise. As I am a Reiki master, meditation was always something that I knew I should be doing but up until last year I did not do this regularly.

Now that I understand how much it can empower your life, I would like to share my ideas with you.

I have many thoughts to share with you but this will also build over a period of time because I will be listening to the community to see what issues are showing up; we will be focusing on a monthly subject.

Just in case that is not enough for you, I will also give you something to think about each week.

I am extremely excited about the launch and very much look forward to meeting you.

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